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Pole Signs & Pylon Signs
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Sacramento Pole Signs & Pylon Signs


While driving on the interstate, you may have come across signs identifying a gas station or restaurant nearby, often advertising supplies, gas or food just off of an exit ramp?

Complete Storefront Signage

Those signs are known as a Pole Sign!

Custom pole sign, allow you to attract more customers, like having a beacon in front of your store. These are permanently installed, allowing people to see your business from quite a distance, and are designed to increase the number of visitors that you get every day through increased visibility.

Universal Signs is known as a leader in the development of Pole Sign designs, and we not only design or manufacture them, but also install for that professional and polished look. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support team and installers and fabricators, that are here to create the perfect sign for your Sacramento business to meet all of your business goals!

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Illuminated Pole Signs

Dairy Queen Pylon SignCreated by hoisting a cabinet sign in the air and placing on a pole, these signs can be illuminated, allowing you to attract customers for your business well into the night. Most pole signs stand around 20 feet in the air, drawing travelers to your location while driving on the interstates or standard roads.

We produce durable signage elements to impress potential customers and increase traffic to your location. While these signs represent a significant investment, they pay for themselves through that increased traffic, ultimately paying for themselves in a very short time!

If you’re not sure a pole sign is right for your business, our onsite designers will discuss with you all of our signage solutions to find the right fit for your Sacramento business and location needs.

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Pylon & Tenant Signs

Pylon Sign Tenant signIn addition to our pole signs, we offer tenant signs and pylon signs. Both options are very similar to pole signs as they increase business visibility. However, they accomplish this goal differently. Pylon signs and tenant signs inform the customer of the many businesses located within their viewing area. Tenant signs go a bit further and can also provide additional information. Both of these signs are constructed using heavier materials and typically have a broader base in order to contain additional business names and information.

Tenant Signs and pylon signs are ideal for open-air malls, shopping centers, and business parks.

With so many different signage solutions, choosing the sign you need for your company can be frustrating. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff can help you determine what signage solution would best fit your business needs during our on-site evaluation!

Call Universal Signs today at (916) 287-8834 for a Free Consultation with a Pole Sign Expert!

Free Pole Sign Consultation

Universal Signs employs various experts ready to discuss all of your goals and needs! We handle everything from developing a design concept through manufacturing and installation of any signage to meet your Sacramento business goals. If you need a signage partner that has experience and is dedicated to your success, then Universal Signs is the right choice!

Call Universal Signs today at (916) 287-8834 for a Free Consultation with a Pole Sign Expert!